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Are your walls looking dull, chipped, or just a color you can’t stand anymore? Your home should bring you emotions of comfort and joy, and old paint can give lackluster results, and lower the overall value of your home, and the enjoyment level of your family, friends, and neighbors. In fact, painting your home is one of the best investments because it instantly raises the value and appeal of your house.

A DIY project or hiring untested contractors can result in poor results, going over budget and way past deadlines. American Home Improvement has been a family owned and operated painting company since 1930, using only the highest quality paints from reputable manufacturers. Their craftsmanship and pride in their work can be seen in the thousands of homes in Monmouth County and Ocean County New Jersey.

Interior, Trim, Molding and Home Exteriors

Each project is unique. This is why we personally look at your home and what you want to accomplish. Our goal is to deliver your exact needs and demands, within budget and on time. Affordability, friendly service, and gorgeous results is what American Home Improvement strives for every time, no exceptions.

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